Is This Weird? Woman And Her Mother Both Breastfeed Her Child, And They Don’t Care About The Opinion Of Others

Date April 2, 2019

Young mothers usually face challenges with their kids especially when they are first-time mothers. It is why they sometimes seek the help of their mother, or another older female, such as an aunt, a sister or a grandmother.

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However, this young mother from St. Louis has taken things to another level. 21-year-old Julia Cannons and her mother, Angela Owens, both breastfeed Julia's 10-month-old daughter Naomi.

While speaking to Popsugar, Julia revealed that the practice began when Naomi wouldn’t take a bottle at six months.

Desperate for her little girl to eat, while wanting to take a shower at that moment, Julia asked her 47-year-old mother, who could still produce milk, to breastfeed Naomi.

Angela did not stop lactating since she welcomed her youngest child and had asked Julia how she would feel about her breastfeeding Naomi.

Luckily, Julia had no problem with it, and they alternate between feeding Naomi. However, many people seem to have a problem with their agreement as strangers have strongly criticized them.

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Nevertheless, that hardly moves Julia and her mother to stop. Commenting on the backlash, Julia said:

“It’s how we all started out. Wet-nursing has been around since the beginning of time.”

While Julia and Angela’s breastfeeding relationships might be weird to some, we are sure they both have Naomi's best interests at heart.

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