Cops Stun Shoppers At The Mall With Surprise Flash Mob Performance With Crowd

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January 8, 2019 11:08 By Mambee

Have you ever had an experience in which you're sitting down, with your headphones plugged in and maybe grabbing a bite, and then you start hearing loud music and see people running around? Instinctively, you're about to run, but then you discover it's a performance, one you may even enjoy.

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Cops Stun Shoppers At The Mall With Surprise Flash Mob Performance With CrowdEvgeny Krasilnikov /

Well, that's what they call 'Flash Mobs', and it has become a trend since it first started in 2003. It is believed that the idea was coined by Bill Wasik, now an editor at New York Times Magazine. 

Since then it has grown from a delightful social test to an everyday thing, popping up in university campuses, malls, busy streets, and anywhere a gathering can be found.

However, none compares to these cops, who may have taken flash mobs to a whole new level to get a good start to the holidays.

Dancing cops

Shoppers in the Aventura Mall, Miami, thought the fun had come to an end when they saw two cops crashing a Flash Mob that was delivering a dance performance.

The next few seconds were very shocking. The whole exhilarating incident was recorded and uploaded by the Mall's police department on its Twitter page.

As they approached the center and tried dispersing the crowd, people noticed that the music was still playing, and more people had joined in.

It was hilarious as the officers started  turning, twisting and showing off dance moves. It was then that onlookers realized that it was all part of the performance.

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This went on for a few more seconds before the performance finally ended, and the men in uniform finished with a signature pose, backing one another with their hands crossed.

The crowd was fascinated as they burst into a loud ovation.

Fans react

Lots of people were impressed by the gesture, and a myriads of compliments that followed confirmed this.

How amazing! It's good to know that our cops also have some ordinary talents beyond saving lives, because those moves were slick!.

What an excellent way to get in the holiday spirit!

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