Adorable Pictures Of Parents And Their Children Looking Exac

Adorable Pictures Of Parents And Their Children Looking Exactly Alike At The Same Age Rock The Internet

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April 12, 2019 12:09 By Mambee

Have you ever looked at your child and thought, ‘Wow, this is me when I was this age’?

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Genetics is usually responsible for children’s characteristics, behavior, and preferences. However, undeniable proof shows that genetics can also shape a family’s looks for generations.

In the pictures below, the striking resemblance between children and their parents, or grandparents, when they were the same age, may shock you.

The first photo posted, by Christine Willis Bothel, shows a father with his brother put side by side with his two children at the same age; they are both wearing jerseys and look exactly alike.

The second photo, by Megan Coe, has a picture of her husband posted beside one of their daughters. They both have the same wide smile and eyes. It is so beautiful!

Megan Griffith, in the third photo, shows a mother and daughter looking like twins. Both at 11 months!

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Jenna Cooke posted a picture showing her daughter and husband side by side, both at 8-months old, smiling and lying down.

The fifth photo was posted by Ammie Thakkar and it shows a mother and her child, also looking like twins.

Jen Gevy posted a picture of her son at four months old and her husband at six months. They're both giving us cross-eyed looks.

It's so mind-blowing to see the keen resemblance between parents and their kids.

We do hope the families share more than looks; we hope they share all the love in the world!  

Adorable Pictures Of Parents And Their Children Looking Exactly Alike At The Same Age Rock The InternetRohappy /

Do you have pictures of you and your parents or children that look exactly alike? Share them!

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