Multi-Ethnic Couple Shows Off Their Gorgeous Biracial Daughter On Social Media And The World Can't Get Enough

Date April 15, 2019

Although interracial marriage is legal, the crux of the matter nowadays lies on its effect on the social, emotional and cultural aspects of their offspring.

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A study revealed that children born to interracial couples are more culturally inclined than those that are not. Interracial marriage is commonly found in urban areas because it is prone to occur among the larger population.


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Fathers play a significant role in the social aspect of their children's lives. It helps them to build confidence among their peers, and in the society at large.


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Self-esteem would go a long way in helping them deal with the potential adversities they might face, and this is what this interracial couple is doing for their gorgeous daughter.


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Such a beautiful young girl

Ayla is a gorgeous little girl born to a biracial couple; her mother is from Finland, and her father is an African-American. Her lovely parents created an Instagram account for her to display her undeniable beauty.


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The 3.5-year-old, as she is fondly described in an Instagram post, has a unique hair that varies in texture. Her hair texture ranges from coarse to exquisite, and is chameleon-like; the color varies according to the season, but she is always beautiful either way.


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The sweet family enjoys a holistic and 90% plant-based culture. Ayla loves having fun, and she achieves that through ballet, gymnastics, and playing hide-and-seek.


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She is a reserved girl, however. She lives life to the fullest with her family. Ayla takes after the cautious nature of her mother but has the physical appearance of her dad.

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The beautiful girl is obviously having a fantastic time in life, and her parents are doing a great job of raising her.


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Questions that you shouldn't ask interracial couples

Being an interracial couple is a sensitive matter, and there are some questions you shouldn't ask. These questions might be innocent on your part, but it is offensive to the couple you are asking them to.


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Here is a list of questions you shouldn't ask any interracial couple ever!

1. Are the differences in culture a complication?

2. Do you plan to have kids together?


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3. Which race would you prefer your kids to look like?

4. How do you cope with prejudice?


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5. Would you consider dating your own race?

We are glad to see that this kid is enjoying herself despite the contrast. This story is about the power of love regardless of any factors that may stand in the way.

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