It Could Pose Harm To Her Health: Desperate Mother Fakes Tan And Make-Up In 4-Year-Old Daughter For Beauty Pageant

Date June 3, 2019

How parents raise their kids determines how they see themselves. That is why internet users are furious at a 29-year-old mother who has subjected her little daughter to various beauty procedures because of a pageant.

Sammy Bushell, from Doncaster, has been making her daughter, Hallie Mai, take part in beauty pageants since she was two years old.

She applies make-up on the little girl and goes as far as fake-tanning her and doing her nails. 4-year-old Hallie also has to dress in provocative outfits to participate in these contests.

While internet users slam her for subjecting a young child through such, Sammy defends herself, saying it was her little girl that chose to enter the contests.

While speaking to The Sun, she said:

"Hallie loves doing pageants, and we will keep doing them for as long as she wants to. She has always loved the limelight. She's her own person with an independent mind. She's not a robotic child."

While on the This Morning Show, Sammy revealed that Hallie has to undergo some beauty regimen, like a fake tan, make-up applications, and nail fixing, before the day of the pageant.

When asked if the fake tan isn't harmful to her daughter's fragile skin, Sammy replied that she makes use of only natural products. She explained that once the pageant is over, Hallie returns to being a three-year-old.

Psychologist Emma Kenny, who was also on the show, said that children should not have to wear make-up or tan to feel good about themselves.

She highlighted the negative effect of pageants on kids, saying it makes them believe that looks are all that matter, but Hallie's mom defended herself by saying beauty 'isn't the only thing pageants look for'.

According to health expert, Dr. Mohd Hasni 'Ja'afar, applying make-up on kids is harmful to their health. This is because children's skin has a high rate of absorption and can take in almost 100% of any chemical applied to their body.

This makes them susceptible to the harmful metals found in make-up products and can lead to conditions like Minamata, a neurological syndrome that can disrupt cognitive abilities and motor sensors.

The mental and health effects of beauty pageants on children are something that may affect them for life. Parents are advised to look beyond fame and put their kid's wellbeing first.

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