The Power Of A Selfie! Mother's Selfie Coincidentally Might Be What Saves Son From 99 Years In Jail

Date November 23, 2018 18:24

The most insignificant thing or action might save a person's life. A mother's innocent selfie which she took almost a year ago sees to be the only thing keeping her son from 99 years in prison!

All because the mother's selfie was admissible evidence in the court.

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The Power Of A Selfie! Mother's Selfie Coincidentally Might Be What Saves Son From 99 Years In Jail

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What is admissible evidence?

This is any testimony, document or tangible evidence that holds up in court. This evidence is used to prove a point. It must be reliable and relevant.

How a selfie saved Christopher Precopia

Christopher Precopia aged 27 was arrested in September 2017 for allegedly breaking into his ex's home, coming at her with a box cutter and carving an ‘X’ into her chest.

His affidavit for arrest also stated that he punched her in the face and assaulted her.

All these atrocities were said to be committed on the 27th of September by his ex.

Christopher was charged with a case of first-degree felony burglary of a habitation with intent to commit additional felonies.

This crime is punishable with up to 99 years in Jail!

However, his mother claimed her son was very innocent and that though the break up between him and his ex-was ugly, he hadn't spoken to her in two years.

Things became confusing at this point, and people took the mother's claim as an attempt to have her son's life.

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However, things took a turn for the better when his mother shared a shred of evidence with the district attorney which proved her son could not have committed the offense.

She presented a picture of her and Christopher attending a skincare event at the Renaissance Austin Hotel on her Facebook account which she took at the exact time her son was allegedly attacking his ex.

The authorities looked into the evidence, examining the data and originality of the photo. When it all checked out, the case was dismissed, and Christopher was set free.

What a lucky coincidence!

Thankfully for Christopher, he was freed from false accusations, though many haven't been so lucky.


When pictures of his story went online, it had people commenting on how the male is always the victim of false accusations especially in an assault against women.

In an attempt for change, the hashtags #justice4Cj and #whataboutme have been used in making their voices heard.

We wish Christopher the best of luck with his new found freedom and hope he will be safe.

To you all out there, keep on taking those selfies, you never can tell who it might save!

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