From Fertility Problems To Mother Of Four: Woman Shares Emotional Story Of How She Welcomed Her Quadruplets After Years Trying

Date March 29, 2019 18:20

The news of an incoming baby will always be a beautiful thing, especially for those who might have not had it easy getting pregnant.

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This was the plight of Brittany Suit, who knew from the very beginning that she would have a hard time getting pregnant. Brittany suffered from polycystic ovary syndrome and rarely got her period.

She and her husband, Ryan, decided they needed the help of a fertility doctor, and that was when she met Dr. Werlin, who made her feel comfortable and assured her she would get pregnant.


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They decided to go with IUI, and though they knew it had only a 15% chance of success, they settled for it because it was less expensive than IVF.

Two weeks later, when it was time to find out if Brittany was pregnant, she developed ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS), an extremely painful condition in which water fills the abdomen.

However, through all the pain, Brittany was excited. Why? Because she was finally pregnant!


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At five weeks, Brittany and Ryan went in for an ultrasound and found out that they were having twins! However, nature still had more plans for them.

At the sixth week ultrasound, the doctor revealed to Brittany that she was actually having four children! She was shocked and scared, but thankfully her mother was there to support her.

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She had a pretty easy pregnancy and delivered the babies at 32 weeks. The morning of her section, all the nurses came and prayed with her, and she knew things were about to change forever.

She delivered four healthy babies in three minutes! Her babies stayed in the hospital for six weeks, and on Mother's Day, she brought Haley, Lucas, and Jacob home. Three weeks later, their daughter Regan joined the happy family.


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When their first family photos were taken, the joy on both Ryan and Brittany’s faces could not be more significant.

For the next few years, Brittany had to deal with not sleeping, breastfeeding, potty training, helping them learn how to walk, talk, dealing with their attitudes, but all stress didn’t compare to the joys of motherhood.


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We are so happy for Brittany and her family and hope their inner joy and happiness continue to flow in their lives. We hope Brittany’s story inspires someone out there to never give up on their dreams, whatever they may be.

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