Mom Gets Removed From Public Pool For Breastfeeding Her Baby

Date June 24, 2019

Of all the classes of people in the world, mothers are prone to ultimatums because they have to do some things that others don't condone with. Some of these activities include breastfeeding and changing diapers - unavoidable duties when you have a baby.

It can get humiliating at times, so much so that a nursing mom in an aquatic center burst into tears.

Misty Daugereaux visited the Nessler Park Family Aquatic Center with her nephew and children on a Sunday. One of her mother duties came up and she had to breastfeed her keen 10-month-old son. Left with no other choice, Daugereaux cautiously tried to feed him.

However, during the process, a lifeguard reportedly told her that, according to the public pool's policy, breastfeeding was prohibited around there.

The lifeguard claimed that Daugereaux bared both her breasts, but that was apparently an excuse to reprimand the mother for performing her natural duty. After a back and forth, she was escorted out of the aquatic center by the authorities. Daugereaux also explained the encounter between her and the pool staff:

"She said you need to cover up or leave. She gave me an ultimatum. And I said, 'Well, you show me in your policy where I need to cover up, and I'll leave.'"

She shared the devastating news on her Facebook page, explaining that they called the police to escort her out of the aquatic center, and she was embarrassed. She soon burst into tears, and her son kept asking her why they wouldn't allow her to feed the baby.

Daugereaux began an online rally that went viral, gaining several supporters from the members of the Galveston County Health District's Mother's Milk Club, who went with her to the center for a 'nurse-in' protest.

Also, Daugereaux had the Constitution to back her up this time. Texas' Health and Safety Code reads:

"A mother is entitled to breastfeed her baby in any location in which the mother is authorized to be."

Their protests surely put things in motion because the city leaders released a subsequent statement to apologize to Daugereaux. They assured her that they would reassess the public pool policy.

It is true what they say: When women come together with a collective goal, magic happens. We commend the members of Galveston County Health District's Mother's Milk Club for their solidarity in ensuring that this kind of oppression never happens again.

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