Touching! Couple Who Loses Baby 6 Weeks To Birth But Spend Their Last Moment In A Beautiful Way Share Their Harrowing Experience

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January 28, 2019 18:07 By Mambee

Having a baby is a dream that most couples wish to fulfill. This is not surprising considering how those adorable little beings are capable of making us feel some incredible love and friendship. However, it could also bring tragic setbacks.

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Touching! Couple Who Loses Baby 6 Weeks To Birth But Spend Their Last Moment In A Beautiful Way Share Their Harrowing ExperienceKieferPix /

Stillborn is a condition whereby a baby is lost during the pregnancy period and, although it is uncommon, it often has severe consequences on the families.

According to CDC, it affects about 1% of all pregnancies in the US alone. Its reasons remain indefinite, and the emotional torture that accompanies the loss it a lot to bear. Still, families can always live a fulfilled life. An example is this couple's story.

McKenzie’s story


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According to the story shared on Love What Matters, Mckenzie was super excited when she found out that she was pregnant. She was going to become a mom for the first time.

Twenty weeks in, Mckenzie and her husband went in for a routine ultrasound scan to check up on the baby, and everything seemed fine.

The only issue was that the little one was in a position that didn't let the specialist see her heart. So, Mckenzie and her husband decided to come back later.


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Their next appointment didn't offer different results, and they were subsequently referred to a high-risk pregnancy unit. There, they were told that their baby had Pulmonary Atresia, a genetic heart defect, and would need immediate treatment after birth. It was hard to hear it, but they stayed strong in faith.

Months later, they went in for the last routine scan and, as McKenzie disclosed, she could feel something different. Before the check-up began, she had a horrible feeling.


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The first specialist that attended to them claimed he had a problem with the scan, and excused himself to call the doctor. Then, they received the bad news. Their baby no longer had a heartbeat.

It was a painful moment for the hopeful parents, who could not hold back their tears. More devastating was the fact that they had to tell their own parents about it, and still proceed with labor the same day.

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The couple continued with the childbirth, but it was what they did after seeing their lifeless baby that inspired millions all over the world. They named her Sophie Joi, and for the next few hours they cradled and cherished her like she would be with them forever.

“She was perfect. I couldn’t believe the love that I could feel for such a tiny, little being. Her perfect, little features.”


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McKenzie and her husband cherished and loved every little moment they had with their daughter, and this, as she stated, was why she decided to share her story. Sophie Joi may have been gone now, but they're glad to have met her.

Dealing with stillbirth

The emotional trauma that accompanies having a stillbirth can be a lot handle. However, it can be overcome. Here are tips that may help:

1. Stay Together: As seen from McKenzie’s story, the right kind of support goes a long way during hard times;

2. Accept Help: The trauma that comes with this kind of loss is hard to bear. Look out for communities, friends, and professionals that could help you through it;

Touching! Couple Who Loses Baby 6 Weeks To Birth But Spend Their Last Moment In A Beautiful Way Share Their Harrowing ExperienceAntonio Guillem /

3. Take your time to heal;

4. Try picking up new habits and adventures.

The loss of a child brings a lot of pain indeed. However, staying strong after it all is that truly matters.

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