Video Of Quadruplets Who Are Super Excited To See Grandma's Christmas Tree Is Too Sweet To Handle

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December 10, 2018 12:39 By Mambee

There are many fascinating things about humans as a whole, and one of them has to be the occurrence of multiple births.

Some interesting quadruplet trivia

A rise in multiple births was attributed to the use of fertility therapies, such as Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) and drugs that induce ovulation. However, recent declines have been observed in triplet birth and, other high order multiples, owing to changes in ART procedures.

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Quadruplets refer to a set of four children from one birth. These kids can be identical, fraternal or a combination of both. It is quite rare to see completely identical quadruplets, and they make up just 1 in 15 million pregnancies.

As opposed to the 40 weeks gestation period for a full-time child, quad pregnancies usually have a gestation period of about 31.3 weeks on average.

Also, it is not odd for quadruplets not to share the same birth date as they may be born days or even weeks apart. An estimated 3 percent of quad births are normal, but they are done via cesarean section.

The adorable quadruplets and their reaction to their grandma's Christmas tree

In May in 2016, quadruplets Abigail, Grace, McKayla, and Emily became the newest members of the Webb family.

All four girls came out identical, and two years later, their father, Tim, still has a hard time telling them apart. Seeing how rare completely identical quadruplets are, these girls are genuinely magnificent and extraordinary in every way.

One can imagine how exciting activities like bath time and bedtime can be with energetic quadruplets around.

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Recently, their mother took them to their grandma's house where a Christmas tree was waiting for them, and their reaction to the surprise was adorable.

As soon as the girls laid eyes on the tree, their excitement burst out, and they began clapping and babbling with joy at the pretty decorations and twinkling light.

The video of this encounter will leave you smiling from ear to year as their excitement is contagious.

It's simply precious!

What people had to say

The video which, was uploaded on both YouTube and Facebook, has gotten a lot of comments from people who were blown away by the pure joy the quads show.

Most commenters were wholly taken aback by how simply adorable the girls were dancing about in joy at the sight of the Christmas tree.

It's easy for adults to view a Christmas tree as a necessary part of the holiday decorations, but sometimes it takes seeing some things through the eyes of a child for us to appreciate how special they truly are.

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