A Sweet Friendship! 2-Year-Old Boy With Down Syndrome Enjoys Going To Kroger Every Week To See His Best Friend

Date March 12, 2019

A little boy named Charlie recognized a kindred spirit at the first moment he met a lovely woman at a Kroger supermarket.

In a video shared by HumanKind, it was revealed Charlie and Erin, a bagger at the store, had an instant connection.

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Charlie's mom, Allyson, said that Erin was bagging their groceries one day when she spotted the two-year-old boy. She noticed his distinctive features and asked the mom if Charlie had Downs Syndrome, to which Allyson replied in the affirmative.

Erin then told the mom that she had the condition as well. From them on, Erin became buddies with the delightful toddler. When Allyson came to the store the following week with her son, Erin and Charlie were quite happy to see each other again. 

Since then, Allyson made it a point to go to Kroger every Tuesday so that her son can see his special friend and spend time with her. During these trips to the store, Erin lets Charlie assist with bagging up their groceries at checkout. 

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Sometimes, she takes the toddler on a quick spin in a grocery cart and they gleefully ride up and down the aisle. It is something Charlie enjoys very much.

Erin said that she felt a connection with Charlie from the first time they met and she believed he felt it too. As for the boy's mom, she was only too happy to watch this friendship blossom. 

Allyson said that seeing Erin so content and dedicated to her work while also having no difficulty with reaching out socially made her hopeful for her son's future.

The mom described it as "inspiring" to see people with special needs having a full and happy life, especially in a work environment. It is a way of showing the world that their condition doesn't prevent them from living life like anyone else.

Charlie and Erin's friendship sure warms the heart. Although they may not be peers in terms of age, they obviously share a special bond that we hope will last a lifetime.

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