'God Answered Our Prayers': Gorgeous Bird Visits A Family Who Lost A Beloved Grandma

Date February 8, 2019

When we lose a loved one, it's normal to want to believe they are still out there somewhere watching over us. Grieving that type of loss is hard, but knowing that there's a chance they're still close by in some way can help to provide some level of comfort. 

This particular family had an experienced that brought joy to their hearts in the midst of their grief. Angela Abbott Patteson shared a video a couple of weeks ago and it has now gone viral. 

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Angela's husband's grandmother, Dorothy Booth, had passed away two weeks prior, at the age of 97. Before her death, Angela's mother-in-law Debbie and her sister, Jeanne, often talked to their mother about sending them a sign when she passed on.

Not only did they chat about the idea, but Debbie and Jeanne were also very specific that they wanted a cardinal to be involved in whatever type of sign Dorothy would send from the beyond. 

A day after Dorothy's memorial service, the women were talking about that conversation while playing Dorothy's favorite card game: canasta. Then something caught their attention through the kitchen window.

Angela's father-in-law, Brian, went to check and he saw a cardinal there. He brought the bird inside and for a few minutes, everyone held the little creature. Then, they all decided to go outside to release the bird.

At this point, someone had whipped out a camera to record the moment when they were to set the cardinal free.

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However, as they tried to release the bird, instead of flying away, it perched on the shoulder of one of the women, leading to some happy giggles and excitement. According to Angela, the bird did eventually fly away, but only about ten minutes later. 

There is no doubt that this was one moment that the family will never forget. It brought them joy and happiness during a particularly difficult time.

Whether you believe this to be a miracle or a coincidence, you still cannot help but smile at how this lovely bird made everyone happy.

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