'Will I Be Enough?" Single Mom Shares Powerful Story About Her Decision To Adopt 3 Boys Even As She Doubted Her Abilities To Care For Them

Date April 9, 2019

Amy Pollard was filled with doubts when she realized that fostering was something she had to do. One of the things that worried her was that she would have to do it all alone as a single woman and she wasn't sure she had the strength required.

Before she decided to become a foster parent, Amy had already been visiting her local orphanage on a monthly basis for years. She had seen first-hand how much these children needed a parent and she had toyed with the idea of giving them a home.


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Even if it was a desire close to her heart, Amy assumed it would happen years into the future, after she got married. But all that changed when she felt a connection with an 8-year-old boy named Jeremy.

The first time she saw him at the orphanage, he immediately caught her attention, Amy told LoveWhatMatters. Just looking at him, she knew that he must have undergone major trauma. During subsequent visits, she fell more in love with the boy.


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They shared such a close bond that it became more difficult for her to leave him as he would cling to her and beg her to take him home.

I would have if I was licensed to do so. I would leave, go home, cry, and beg God to provide that precious boy with a family.


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Eventually, Amy became licensed as a foster mom but, by that time, Jeremy had been transferred to another orphanage. The woman desperately tried to reconnect with him and, after a few months, she received a call that blew her away.

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Even though she was only planning to provide a temporary home for the boy, when Amy was asked if she would consider a permanent adoption, she agreed. She didn't feel ready, but she had faith that it would all work out.


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There were some growing pains as the boy came home to be her son. But after a while, things got better. Then one day, when she took him to the park to play with his siblings. Jeremy's brother, Kendrick, came up to Amy and asked if she could be his mom, too.


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Again, Amy hesitated, wondering if she was able to adopt Kendrick and Jayonne, Jeremy's other brother, as she didn't want to leave only one behind.

As adoption was drawing near, my fears were mounting. Will I be enough? Am I sure I’m doing the right thing? Am I really what they need? Can I really do this?

She eventually took the plunge. And the boys, who had experienced abuse and pain, had to relearn how to trust again. Amy admitted that this wasn't always so easy, but she and her boys pulled through and their days began to get increasingly better. 

On April 1, 2019, the adoption became official as a judge approved their request to become a family. 


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Amy's journey certainly wasn't a walk in the park. Despite her fear and doubts, she did what her heart was telling her to do and she was grateful that she got to save these three boys.

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