Couple Wanted To Adopt '2 Or 3' Kids, Instead, They Welcomed 7 Children Into Their Home At Once

Date November 26, 2018

While most people would feel a little daunted about having a lot of kids, this was something both Josh and Jessaka Clark fervently yearned for.

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In fact, since their first date, when Josh told Jessaka that he wanted 10 kids, they have nursed the hope that they would get there someday. 

Speaking to 11Alive, Jessaka explained that she grew up with a lot of foster siblings and she enjoyed having so many kids around the house. 

Years after giving birth to their son Noah, the couple began the adoption process to increase their family. They made it clear that they wanted a sibling group of at least two or three. 

Fortunately, they received a call from adoption officials. However, the couple was immediately floored when the person asked them if they would adopt a sibling group of seven. Jessaka absolutely could not believe it.

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Josh and Jassaka decided to think about it but as they prayed and gave the opportunity some consideration, they became even more sure that adopting these kids was what God wanted them to do. 

The couple met all seven children for the first time and within a few months, the kids had moved into their home. Jessaka admitted that it was not all a walk in the park, though.

She said:

Our lives have definitely been busier. We didn't have school-age kids before this, so that was new territory for us. But it has been fun! It was rough at first but we have settled into a routine of 'normalcy' so to speak.

It was also a good thing that they got support from friends and family, who often pitch in to help. Sometimes it was hard, Jessaka admitted, but having such a strong support system was certainly helpful.

Noah has also adjusted wonderfully to his new siblings. Jessaka added that they are now becoming one happy family. 

Josh and Jessaka were given more than they initially bargained for, but it has turned out to be a truly fantastic experience for them.

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