Mom Of Quintuplets Becomes A Single Parent Before Babies' Birth, But Her Courage Is The One To Envy

Date July 25, 2019 20:11

What does it mean to be a single mom of 6? Some people may exclaim it’s impossible. However, this brave woman from Ukraine raises a daughter and quintuplets, born in 2016. Despite the hardship of handling kids on her own, she must have dealt with a broken heart.

Brave mom

The doctors called her a medical miracle. Oksana Kobeletskaya welcomed her super squad at the age of 37. Back then, she was married and had a 3-year-old daughter, Alisa.

Another pregnancy turned out to be a surprise when Oksana came for the standard medical examination. During the ultrasound procedure, the future mom noticed a strange smile on the doctor’s face. Then he told her she was carrying 5 children.

The family became an Internet sensation and hundreds of fans started following their exciting life on Instagram. On her page, the new mom shared happy moments, as well as her moments of sadness and desperation. One of them was her divorce.

Oksana revealed on her page that her husband had left the family shortly after her quintuplets were born. From the colorful Instagram images, it may seem this woman has a fairytale life. However, it’s far from the truth.

Dealing with divorce is always hard, but it is twice more heart-wrenching when you are overwhelmed with parenting in addition to your everyday routine.

How to cope with the painful experience of separation:

According to Mental Health America, a woman should recognize her feelings and not blame herself for being angry, sad or irritated. The world may seem ruined, but give yourself time to heal, and you will be able to restore the strength to turn a new page in life:

  • Find support; do not isolate yourself from people;
  • Delegate duties with children, and make time for yourself;
  • Avoid meeting with your ex, especially when this encounter ends up with arguments and fights;
  • Explain the changes to kids. Do not describe their dad as a bad person; reassure them that it’s not their fault;
  • Do not involve your kids in the conflict, but be there to listen to them and give them support whenever they need it.

And the most important tip is to try to think positively, just like this mom of 6 does. She inspires others with her own example and shows us that life is not over after divorce. Especially when you have such amazing 1 + 5 miracles who will always look up to you.

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