Mom Was Asked To Leave The Mall When Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Had A Meltdown

Date July 12, 2019 19:01

Kids often have meltdowns. It happens especially in the gap between 2 and 4 years of age, and it is a distinct feature of their brain development. However, the meltdowns are different in kids with autism.

They occur when children with special needs are overwhelmed with the situations they find themselves in, and they react intensely with uncontrolled behavior, which can be screaming, crying, or outbursts of aggression.

This is exactly what happened with Regina Margaret’s daughter, who was diagnosed with severe autism. The mother took 3-year-old Darla to the Arizona Malls, but the girl seemed to be distressed with the noise and the crowds, so she started having a meltdown.

Darla would not stop crying, so Regina took her to a quieter area to calm her down. However, not everyone liked it. One shop-assistant asked her to leave immediately.

The mom shared her experience on Facebook, saying:

This lady yelled at us to get out & go away from a PUBLIC SPACE. I informed her that Darla is autistic and that meltdowns are common for people with ASD. She continued to tell us to leave and go away that we were ruining her business by my daughter crying nearby.

She claimed she was the manager of the “Those Animals” store, and her husband, a big and scary man, was going to return any minute. The woman planned to scare the distressed mom away, but her plan failed. Regina continued to stand her ground, saying they had every right to be there.

The security officer rushed to help, he heard both sides of the stories but took the mom’s side.

(He) was so kind and compassionate to us and he showed me where I could make a formal complaint.

Regina spread an important warning about being tolerant of children with special needs.

Mom Was Asked To Leave The Mall When Her 3-Year-Old Daughter Had A MeltdownAfrica Studio /

The mother was pleased with the mall’s response regarding the incident. However, she hopes this case will inspire people to educate themselves about people with special needs. She claims her heart breaks every time strangers give her judging looks, but you never know whom you judge and what circumstances those people have in their lives.

People need to be kinder and more tolerant of each other because we never really know what unexpected turns life can take.

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