After His Neighbor Died In A Hot Car, 11-Year-Old Boy Invents A Device To Ensure It Never Happens To Other Kids

Date July 31, 2018 17:47

Sadly, thousands of kids have lost their lives due to heat stroke after they were forgotten in a car on a hot day. And this smart young boy is doing something about it. 

10-year-old Bishop Curry, from Texas, was inspired to change things after a neighbor of his died as a result of a heat stroke. 

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The fifth-grader invented a gadget which he called the Oasis. This helps to monitor the temperature inside a car. Once it gets to a dangerous level, the device automatically fills the area with cool air and at the same time, alert parents and authorities using a specially installed antenna. 

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NBC News / YouTube

Bishop was heartbroken when he learned of the death of his neighbor's 6-month-old infant. The little child had died in an overheated car. Bishop felt he needed to do something and thought up a device that could keep more incidents like this from happening in the future.

NBC News / YouTube

The young man initially created a 3-D clay model of the device as he and his father continued sourcing for funds to take things all the way. They have received enormous support and even got way more than the $24,000 they hoped for. Through the GoFundMe account set up for this purpose, they have been able to raise over $50,000. 

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NBC News / YouTube

The money would go towards manufacturing the device and also securing a patent for it.

Bishop has always been fascinated with inventing things. He has been known to create a homemade catapult, a ping pong ball cannon, and has even been looking for ways of melting snow and ice on roads without using salt.

His father has always encouraged his kid's creativity and believes that children are capable of inventing something that will change the world.

Source: NBC News / YouTube

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