This Is Grace, She Is A 7-Year-Old With Down Syndrome, And She Has A Successful Modeling Carrier

Date August 10, 2018

One out of every 700 babies is born with Down Syndrome. Grace Isabella Wharton, from Cheshire, just happened to be the one of them. The news about this diagnosis was terrifying for her parents, Cheryl and John Wharton. Cheryl confessed that she cried for 24 hours after she found out about the condition.

However, their daughter turned out to be a blessing, and a successful model at the age of 7! It all started with a lucky chance, as her mom took her to the modeling audition for people with disabilities.

On her first professional photo shoot, the girl just amazed everyone! Grace has always been a cheerful, confident and active little girl despite the Down Syndrome.

Grace was then signed up within a very short space of time. Disney showed interest in her and she's done work with them, CBeebies and the BBC since.  She's been really busy,” Cheryl tells DailyMail.

Now, Grace is working for the Zebedee Management, which represents models with special needs and has a portfolio of over 300 other people. The company carries a very important message to the world and hopes to remove the stigma associated with disabilities.

The world of opportunities offers these poeople very limited options for self-realization. Grace, who is already pursuing her successful modeling career, is one of the people who can change that!

Her mother admits that life has changed incredibly after her daughter was offered a modeling job.

Grace keeps defying the odds and progresses despite the Down Syndrome. Her teacher says that she is one of the most popular kids in the class, and she attracts others with her bright personality.

The diagnosis usually comes with the following health problems: Hearing and vision problems, congenital heart defect at birth or the heart diseases in the future.

In addition to modeling, Grace has been pretty successful at school! Her biggest challenge is speaking right now. This is typical for Down Syndrome, as people who suffer from it have weakly developed muscles, including the mouth muscles responsible for making proper sounds.

But it does not prevent the little girl from being a confident bundle of joy! She is living a happy life and gets so much love and appreciation both from the family and her numerous fans in social media. Grace has so much to experience yet!

Breaking stereotypes leads to development. Here is one more story to prove it. 

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