Woman With Down Syndrome Defied All Odds By Becoming A World Champion Gymnast And A Model

Date July 26, 2019

Chelsea Werner is not a typical gymnast and model. She was born with Down Syndrom, a diagnosis that limits a person’s abilities and terrifies parents, as they are aware that many challenges they will have to be faced by themselves and, most importantly, by their child.

The Werners family warned from the start that their daughter would have several health issues and she was also likely to fail at som expected achievements, but Chelsea debunked all the prejudice about the Down Syndrom and reached a level of success no one ever expected.

The woman shared her story with LoveWhatMatters, revealing how much hard work it took to become the person she is now.

Chelsea is the winner of four Special Olympic National Championships and two World Championships in gymnastics, but it didn’t come to her easily. She had to work over the same trick for years when regular gymnasts learned the same skill within a few months.

While most of the sport teams at school didn’t want to take her in, claiming that her physical abilities wouldn't allow her to achieve the good results, Werner did not give up on her dream. Finally, she found a coach, Dawn Pombo, who was willing to lead her to success.

No one thought that Chelsey would be skilled enough to compete, but she stunned everyone! Trained by Pombo, the young women took her first gold.

The tremendously hard job paid off!

Over the years many people have come up to me and tell me what a good job I did. Many parents tell me they have a child with Down syndrome and that I give them hope. I’m very proud and happy when I hear that!

The next step was the modeling! After being invited to participate in the H&M campaign, Werner fell in love with modeling. Again, she faced the wall of misunderstanding and prejudice against her diagnosis. Everybody kep telling her that door to the modeling world was sealed shut to people with Down Syndrom.

But Chelsey found her way to do what she loved! She began working with the We Speak agency from New York, who encourages real models. She participated in the body positive campaign, which was aimed at inspiring women to develop self-love!

Chelsey Werner is an amazing example of a strong will and a powerful sense of purpose. She didn’t let her diagnosis set her limits and stop her from pursuing her dreams!