Biology Teacher Demonstrates An Inventive Way To Teach About The Human Body

Date July 12, 2019 01:47

As the world continues to evolve, teaching strategies should also evolve. With so many distractions for kids these days, it's important to find more creative ways to reach them and motivate them to learn. And that's exactly what this teacher is doing.

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Unusual approaches

Many teachers are now trying a few unusual teaching methods to keep the students interested. For example, there's something called 'spaced learning' in which kids alternate between playing and exercising. Studies have shown that this can actually be helpful for kids to retain knowledge.

Debby's teaching process

A teacher named Debby Heerkens has devised a fascinating way of teaching the students about the human body.

During the lesson, she 'strips down' to a suit she wears underneath her outfit. This suit has a colorful illustration of the organs and different parts of the human body as a whole. After grabbing her students attention with the unexpected, she goes on to talk about the functions of these body parts and so on.

A video of her in action was posted to YouTube a while ago and it garnered more than 7 million views. The students sure seemed very interested in what the teacher was saying. Their giggles implied they found the whole thing fun and enjoyable.

Perhaps this visual representation will help the kids learn better.

Another unique teacher

A couple of years ago, a teacher named Mrs. Thom was hailed a hero after she sent the kids home with a special assignment.

In preparation for an upcoming test, she offered the kids some suggestions on how to relax. They included very fun ideas, such as riding a bike and eating ice cream.

She is also known for adding motivational words to her tests. In that assignment, she also reminded the students that "Mrs. Thom is in charge of worrying — you don’t need to." This sure sounds like one homework assignment the kids will not mind doing at all.

Debby and Mrs. Thom are definitely teachers their students will remember for years to come.

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