Twin Craze To Another Level: Identical Twin Couples Who Got Married On The Same Day Plan To Give Birth On The Same Day

Date April 11, 2019

Twins are absolutely amazing, and identical twins can be even more so. It’s always so much fun being around them; studying them one would realize that they do not share their looks only, but also habits and desires.

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This particular set of identical twins all have the same dream: To have sibling babies.

Identical twins Brittany and Briana have always loved the same things. They have the same habits. They still dress alike, and both like holding their legs. They also work at the same law firm as licensed attorneys.

Like that’s not enough twin fever, Brittany and Briana got married to identical twins, Josh and Jeremy Salyers, on the same day. It was the most beautiful ceremony and even had identical twin ministers officiating it.

Is it getting weird?

Well, they didn’t stop there. The twin couples have revealed their desire to get pregnant at the same time and raise their children in the same home.

Jeremy revealed to Our Twinsane Wedding on TLC how he wants his child and his brother's kid to be born on the same day.

“We want to have twins, and we want them to be born on the same day. We’ll be raising our families together as well. That’s something we’re all on the same page about too.”

Brittany and Briana revealed it would be difficult if one twin got pregnant without the other. Genetically, their children will be siblings as the parents all share DNA. Brittany said:

“If I was pregnant and Brittany wasn’t, I imagine I would look very different… That would be so hard.”

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We do hope their wish comes true, and the love and togetherness in their fairy tale never end!

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