“He’s No Different To Any Other Baby:” Proud Mother Says After Her Son, Who Had Previous Congenital Heart Issues, Became A Model


April 10, 2019 12:03 By Mambee

The world is not entirely an easy place, therefore, babies born with disabilities or health issues often need as much grit as possible.

These incentives will help them face any adversities life throws at them. Apart from family members, other platforms have joined in this quest for a better place for children with special needs in the world.

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Little Rio Williams is an example of kids benefitting from this improvement.

Rio was born with Down syndrome, which was discovered 24 hours after his birth due to a surgery that was performed because his bowel was perforated.


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Those are just two among other health issues that resulted in his spending 45 nights in four hospitals. It is a miracle that he survived the various operations.

Rio faced difficulty breathing because vessels from his heart squeezed his windpipe, and he had only 2mm breathing space left.

Cardiac surgery was conducted in Great Ormond Street Hospital to reset the heart condition.


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Despite all this, the now-14-month-old toddler is healthy and got a contract with a modeling agency for special people, Zebedee management.

Ever since, Rio has modeled for the charity that assisted his family housing. However, he recently got his big break in the industry: he got a gig to model for a Primark campaign.

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The proud mother mentioned to Metro during an interview:

“We simply need him to be included and wish everybody can see that he is similar to anybody else. He’s no different to another child.”

They are now focused on making donations to other charities that assisted them during their tough times.


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It is inspiring to see Rio find his place in the world despite everything he has been through at such a young age. We hope his story encourages other corporations to do the helpful.

Good parenting always set kids on the right track in life. Here is a story to prove it.


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