Black Man Is Overwhelmed At Finding A Band-Aid That Suits His Skin Color Exactly And Twitter Is Berserk Over It

Date April 26, 2019

Racism is something that occurs even when people deny its existence. Black people living in the United States or other countries whose majority of the population is white usually face day-to-day challenges that affect them psychologically.

This is why it brings tears to their eyes when black people are recognized in some little matters.

A 45-year-old man, Dominique Apollon, shared a picture of him wearing a band-aid the exact color tone of his skin and he couldn't express how emotional and happy it made him. While speaking to BuzzFeed News, Dominique said:

”As a black man, I'm not used to seeing goods geared to me in national online retailers. The default option is typically some kind of Caucasian skin tone."

You might be wondering why? It's just a band-aid.

Little things like bandaids, which come in the beige, would look natural on people of a specific skin tone, but when someone of darker shades put them on, it becomes obvious.

The 45-year-old vice president of a nonprofit organization that builds awareness towards racial justice said he was overwhelmed with feelings because:

”It just combined so perfectly in a manner that if I was walking into an area, no one would even notice that it was there."

He posted his story on Twitter, and it has gone viral, getting over 95,000 retweets and over 500,000 likes.

It has also sparked a sort of awareness in people, as users commented on how they had overlooked such a tiny thing that could mean so much to others. Even Star Wars star John Boyega had something to say about it.

A teacher commented on the post saying they were motivated to get colored band-aids for their classrooms.

Such a little deed has gone so far. It is amazing that people of color are feeling more appreciated even in small things.

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