Heroic Flight Attendant Melts Hearts After He Helped Soothe A Diabetic 9-Year-Old Girl Who Had The Jitters

Date April 4, 2019

Due to several negative experiences, we often forget that life has a good side too. One of such is amazing and selfless individuals who have positively impacted the lives of others with their kind acts.

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These deeds have come in the most unexpected places and times, and an instance is this story.

On July 8, 2016, 9-Year-Old Gabby Swart had to board a flight alongside her mother, Erika Jeorgan Swart, and two younger siblings. However, it wasn't the best experience for the little girl who was a Type-1 diabetic patient.

Rigours of flight, especially take off and landing led to stress for her, and this negatively affected her sugar levels.

By the time the plane would take off, Gabby had started showing signs of distress, and her mom who was sitting across tried to comfort her.

It was here that flight attendant, Jovan Riley, known as Garrick took notice of what was going on and swung into action to ease her.

After the takeoff, Gabby calmed down, and surprisingly, Garrick kept on checking her out to see if she was okay. He even offered her the first drink on the plane.

For the rest of the flight, it was a fantastic relationship as the attendant did everything to keep her calm. Knowing that the length of the journey stressed her, Garrick also offered her his flight tracker.

The flight time was increased when unforeseen conditions forced the plane to change its path. This caused further panic for Gabby until her hero swept in and asked to sit directly beside her.

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Here, she shielded herself in Garrick's arms whenever she got scared as the flight went on. The pair discussed personal issues to ease tension.

When it was finally time to land, Garrick was there to help the little kid through it and did well to make sure she was okay after the flight.

Heroic Flight Attendant Melts Hearts After He Helped Soothe A Diabetic 9-Year-Old Girl Who Had The JittersErika Jeorgean Swart / Facebook

He gave a beautiful final farewell where he praised her for being a brave kid on the plane's intercom. Gabby's mom, Erika, who was impressed by the selfless gesture took to Facebook to hail the superhero-flight attendant.

In a post, she shared an image showing Garrick and her daughter and accompanied it with a caption detailing the experience. At the end of the post, she wrote:

"We are forever grateful to have met such a  beautiful and selfless soul."

The story also moved thousands of internet users who came across it, and this was confirmed by the myriad of positive comments that came from them, hailing Garrick. One of such comments was the host Airline itself, Southwest Airline, who praised the trio.

It might have been 'just work' for Garrick, but to Erika and her daughter, Gabby, it was a life-saving experience. One that they might never forget.

Surely, all acts of kindness no matter how little may be all a stranger needs to turn a bad day around, and indeed, it makes the world a better place.

Having children is the biggest gift of life. It is essential to give them the happiest childhood. Here is one more powerful story to prove that.


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