Woman Just Celebrated Her 108th Birthday Surrounded By Loving Family And Friends


February 26, 2019 17:06 By Mambee

We endlessly admire people who live past their 100th years of age! They get to witness history being written right in front of them and have the richest experience to share. One of such long-living woman is from Athens, Georgia, and she celebrated her 108th birthday on 27th February 2019.

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Rosa Nell Howard has been living a quiet life, according to her family. She has been attending the same local church, in Springfield, for more than 6 decades now. She was the oldest out of 10 kids but had just one son of her own with her husband, Ellis Howard.

Some of the things that have brought her joy in life are horse riding, fishing, quilting, and cooking.

The woman celebrated her major milestone with her close circle of family and friends at the East Friendship Church in Athens, according to Fox 5.

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We send Rosa Nell Howard the warmest wishes!

While her longevity secrets remain unknown, the scientists revealed how the long-livers manage to reach their centenary.

They say genetics play a part, but it’s only 20 or 30 percent of the deal. Dan Buettner concluded that people with the longest and best quality of life have these things in common:

  • Healthy eating habits, mostly targeting plant-based food; 
  • Moderate portions and not overeating before bedtime;
  • A chance to have a nap during the day;
  • Regular physical activity, including natural movements, such as gardening, working around the house, walking, herding, etc.

Woman Just Celebrated Her 108th Birthday Surrounded By Loving Family And FriendsRobert Kneschke / Shutterstock.com

Furthermore, Dan Buettner emphasizes that “having a sense of purpose and belonging to a faith-based community” contributes to longevity.

It looks like a doable list of goals! In addition, a simple life with no stress and the ability to handle negative emotions certainly improve quality of life!

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