Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes: Curvy And Skinny Best Friend Models Break Stereotypes And Become Insanely Popular

Date June 14, 2019 14:31

Every day people are confronted with images of a 'perfect body' that doesn't reflect the diverse society we live in. These unrealistic images set an impossible standard, potentially damaging self-esteem and crushing confidence.

Beauty Comes in All Shapes and Sizes: Curvy And Skinny Best Friend Models Break Stereotypes And Become Insanely Popularlithian /

Thus, body shaming is an issue in today’s society. Skinny women saying they’re more attractive than curvy women; curvy women saying they’re more attractive than skinny women. The truth is: it’s all nonsense.  

Two Perth-born beauties are taking the internet by storm as they set out to prove one size doesn’t fit all. 

Georgia Gibbs, 21, is a size-6 model and her best friend Kate Wasley, 22, is a plus-size model. When the girls first posted a picture of themselves together on Instagram the responses were shocking. 

People called Georgia "too skinny" and you Kate "overweight". Moreover, users accused Gibbs, size 6, of photoshopping the image to make herself look smaller and Wasley bigger.  

That inspired the girls with an amazing idea - they started an Instagram account called  Any Body Co. It was their own response to the negativity.

The account was made to celebrate the differences between women's bodies and shapes, and encourage people to quit the comparisons. Georgia said:

"Social media is such a high-pressured environment for so many girls. It has changed the way we view ourselves and how we view everyone else...Our aim goal is to continue empowering women around the world, we definitely want to take that into schools and education as well"

Georgia and Kate didn't let the backlash discourage them because it wasn't the first time they received criticism about their body image. Instead, they managed to turn negative comments into a positive campaign to promote body image.

The girls remind us that everyone is different, everyone has their own imperfections, and everyone has their own strengths. Our beauty is in our differences!

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