Random Couple Helps Homeless Veteran By Reconnecting Him To His Family After 40 Years Of Estrangement


January 9, 2019 16:53 By Mambee

These days, it is hard to believe that kindness from strangers, when one needs, still exists. However, one couple has burst the bubble of the urban myth by helping someone who could never pay them back.

One regular afternoon in Scottsdale, Arizona, a lovely couple, the Blackbirds, were shopping at Whole Foods in North Scottsdale when Stephanie Blackbird saw a man whom she could not peel her eyes from. She said to Fox News

“We saw him just holding this five dollar bill and just kind of wandering around. He didn’t look well."

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This sentiment led to an adventure that neither party could have ever foreseen. Stephanie and her husband, Al, got the homeless man some food and learned that his name is Alan Vandevander, and that he served in the army during the Vietnamese war.

Alan had even been awarded a Purple Heart, but after the war ended, he winded up living in the desert.

The Good Samaritans believed they could do more for the frail man, so they tracked him down the next day, on December 24th, based on the vague descriptions he had given them earlier.

They got him to a hospital where it was discovered that he was severely malnourished and dehydrated. More inquiries unearthed a startling discovery: Vandevander had family in Indiana, whom he had not been able to reach for about 40 years.

Once more, the couple got to work and located the veteran’s sister, Julie Vandevander, who explained that she had not spoken to him since the 1980s. She had started looking for him in the 1990s, but had no success in her search.

Overwhelmed after speaking to him she said:

“I never ever thought I would hear from my brother again.”

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Meanwhile, the Blackbirds still see to Vandevander’s needs in the hospital after he suffered a heart attack. They are currently seeking accommodation for him and have set up a GoFundMe account in his name.

This is how a family spent their Christmas and New Year celebrations. Kudos to them for having a compassionate heart.

We hope more people take ome time to show some love and care for someone who needs. It's up to us to make the world a better place! 

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