Little Girl Wrote A Letter To Santa Requesting Food And Blanket And The World Responded

Date December 12, 2018

When Ruth Espiricueta of Monte Cristo Elementary, Texas, charged her first graders to write their needs for Christmas in a letter to Santa Claus, she definitely didn’t expect the kind of request a little girl made.

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The teacher assumed that most of the children would write about what toy they wanted, but there was 7-year old Crystal Pacheco’s letter and its contents were disturbingly sad.

Pacheco said she wanted a ball, blankets, and food. Espiricueta was very moved. She said:

“It just really broke my heart. She’s always so happy.”  

This shows that indeed one can never know the problems others are faced with until such people open up.

Not certain what kind of reaction the letter would attract, Espiricueta posted it on Facebook. The school principal, Diana Cervantes-Smith, then shared the post in the hope of starting a blanket drive.

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Her goal was to help each of the 724 students in their school because an estimated 30,000 of the students in their school district live in poverty and have needs that mirror our heroine’s own.

To everyone’s astonishment, the response was overwhelming and donations came from as far as Germany and New Zealand.

Within a few days, 900 blankets were received with more still pouring in. Other items, including toys, were also donated.

Meanwhile, Pacheco’s mother expressed her pleasure at Crystal sincere request, and said she was extremely proud of her daughter.

Both the school principal and the class teacher have been excited by the immense show of support they received. Best of all, that little girl will see how powerful her voice can be.

Considering the number of items gathered, the school was able to organize a party for the kids.

Even though celebrations are not a daily occurrence for them, these kids will have a Christmas that the world made special for them.

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