12-Year-Old Boy Battling Cancer Gets His Final Wish Of Playing A Video Game Granted By The Game Company

Date September 25, 2018 18:06

When 12-year-old Wes Pak was advised to stop the cancer treatment he was getting, his world crumbled. Along with that came the understanding that he would probably not get to play the video game which he loved and had pre-ordered.

Wes was just 5 years old when he was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a form of cancer that affects certain nerve tissues. Since then, he has been in and out of hospitals. Sadly, his story gets worse. Earlier this month, his doctors advised him to stop treatment as it was ‘doing more harm than good.’

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His parents expressed their grief about the matter to The Sun, saying,

Our hearts are shattered. Of course, I will never give up on my boy. I continue to look for options for him as well as things I can do here at home.

Wes received the sad news and, a while after realization had kicked in, he lamented that he might not get to play the Fallout 76, Power Armour Edition, which he had pre-ordered back in June and is slated for release in November. Efforts were made to reach out to the gaming company, Bethesda Game Studio, with a special request for their ardent fan and, then, the unexpected happened.

Within a week, the company agreed to allow Wes to play it ahead of its release!

Matt Grandstaff, the Assistant Director, made a four-hour drive to the family's home to deliver the gift. Wes was hugely surprised as he was treated to a full day of playing the game. The emotional parents said that being able to play the game made Wes happier.

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Unfortunately, he couldn't keep the game since it is not up for commercial distribution yet. He, however, got to keep the first prototype of the Power Armour helmet, which was specially signed by Todd Howard, Director and Executive Producer of the gaming company.

Who knew such generosity was possible!

With this wish fulfilled, Wes' parents said they are committed to just doing what the boy loves and helping him check off his short wishlist.

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