Father And Toddler Daughter Sing To A Melody Together In Front Of A Mirror And The Internet Cannot Get Enough Of It

Date October 2, 2018 15:59

Spending time and giving attention to one's kids can be a rare instance in our world today, when both parents are more liley to work than not. But, then, there is nothing more adorable than a parent and child spending time together, and having fun merely by doing regular activities.

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Kids usually have a certain song they pick up from their parents. Whether it's from singing it out loud, playing them on the radio, or even teaching then the lyrics, it usually sticks with them all through their life.

A father and daughter were captured a parent-child bonding moment when they where doing one simple thing - singing! It doesn't stop there: They sang in front of the mirror. Who does not love singing in front of a mirror?

A video posted by mom Laura Caperton Richardson shows her husband and their toddler daughter having singing-fun together.

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While in the bathroom, the doting dad holds his girl up in front of the mirror so they can both see themselves as they sing.

Interestingly, their choice of song, ‘My Girl’ by Temptations, was incredible.

It was perfect for a father-daughter bonding moment, but even sweeter is the fact that the adorable little child knew the lyrics of the song so well!  

undefinedLaura Caperton Richardson / Facebook

He held the hands of his daughter, got the right pitch, and they sang delightedly.

Dad starts with ‘I've got sunshine,’ and his little girl takes over with the rest of the line singing ‘on a cloudy day.’

The happy father moved back and forth to the sound of her rhythm and was content with listening to his girl sing. What a beautiful moment they shared.

undefinedLaura Caperton Richardson / Facebook

Indeed, actions speak louder than words. Love is best expressed when we spend time with those that matter. Often times it's these tiny moments that become cherished memories.

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