Bird To The Rescue: Woman Shares Inspiring Story Of How A Magpie Saved Her Life After A Devastating Accident

Date September 28, 2018

For Sam Bloom, life was beautiful. She was happily married to the love of her life, Cameron, and together they had three gorgeous sons. To get away from the stress of everyday life, the family went out to Thailand for a vacation, but things soon turned south.

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Tragedy struck when Sam fell off the balcony of a two-storey building after the steel and timber safety fence collapsed. In that instant, their entire world came crashing down.

She suffered a fractured skull, ruptured lungs, of which one totally collapsed, and a shattered spine at the T6 and T7 below her shoulder blade. Sam was covered in a pool of blood that had her husband and sons terrified.

She was taken to the hospital and was hit with the devastating news that she would never walk again.

After seven months, Sam came back home from the hospital, but that did not ease the emotional pain she was going through. Cameron and their sons did all they could to make her feel comfortable, but it was evident that, regardless of what they did, Sam was not the woman she had been before they embarked on that holiday.

Not being very religious, they prayed to whoever could hear to bring Sam back to her joyful vibrant self. Fortunately, their prayers were answered, but in the most unlikely way.

One fateful day, Noah, her middle son, found an injured magpie chick that had fallen out of its nest. In a way, the magpie was just like Sam, seeing how it had encountered an accident of its own.

Despite the dark situation Sam and her loved ones were in, they decided to adopt the little bird and nurse it back to proper health.

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It was named Penguin by the boys, and it soon became a part of the Bloom family. Everyone had a connection with Penguin, but it was nothing compared to what Sam shared with her. Because Penguin needed extra care, Sam’s motherly instincts kicked in and she began tending to the little bird. At that moment, she started feeling like she mattered and was contributing to something bigger than herself. The statement "helping others feel better is the best way to help oneself" held true in Sam’s life.

In no time, as Penguin got better, Sam got better. She became more dedicated to her physiotherapy routines than before and strived to improve her health.

Although Sam never got to walk, she felt more alive than she had ever felt since the accident. Penguin eventually overcame her injuries and flew away to start a life of her own in the wild. By this time, Sam was already a winner of two national Kayaking titles and was on her way to competing in the world championship as a member of the Australian para-canoe team.

Sam, her husband, and writer Bradley Trevor Greive penned her inspiring story in a book titled ‘Penguin Bloom’. Sam’s experience is one of the unique tales of how humans and animals connect to restore each other!

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