Woman's Boyfriend Dumped Her On A Romantic Getaway, But A Broken Heart Inspired Her To Lose 87 Pounds

There comes a time when change is necessary in one's life. For some, it is inspired by a good event, while for others a traumatic event is what cause them to turn their life around. For Sian Ryan, it was her a heartbreak that triggered it.



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Sian’s life took a turn for the better when her boyfriend of over a year dumped her on a romantic getaway to Brighton, back in August 2015. She was devastated and spent weeks crying her eyes out. Tired of the tears, she decided to pick herself up and register at a 24-hour gym.

According to her, going to the gym at night superseded damping her pillow with tears. Little did she know that would turn out to be the best decision of her life.

Every night, by 11, Sian would find her way to the gym to shed her sorrows away on a treadmill. Soon, she realized she was not missing her ex like she used to. Like a miracle, her broken heart was soon mended.

Now, Sian dropped 87 pounds and weighs a lovely 174 pounds. She went from a UK size 26 to 12, and can lift a 100kg weight conveniently. Amazing right? Not only did she gain her confidence back, she is now a beacon of hope to several women who also want to shed some weight.

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Instead of going back to dating, Sian has dedicated her life to helping other people achieve the same feat. She boasts of 13,000 followers on Instagram, where she offers diet and exercise advice to several people.

She constantly shares pictures to illustrate her fascinating weight loss, and she’s more than proud of herself.



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Sian plans to return to college to become a licensed personal trainer and nutritionist. Who knew a heartbreak could turn out so well? 

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