Man's Best Friend, Man's Best Dance Partner! Cowboy And His Border Collie Amaze Dog Show Fans With Lovely Routine To Country Song

Dog shows are an avenue for pets and their owners to showcase beauty, tricks, and skills that have been learned over the years.

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A lot of people attend these shows and get to see amazing performances. It's no wonder they call them ‘men's best friend.’

Recently, a border collie and his cowboy owner wowed the world with their amazing dance routine.

The Crufts dog show hosts a large number of dog lovers yearly. Fans of the program love it because, aside from being your adorable normal dog show, with a slot for 'best in show,' it also has various other side-attractions.

Some of these include obedience contests, agility competitions, and flyball matches as well. Of all these, however, the one that makes the crowd go wild the most is the ‘Heelwork to music’ competition.

In this match, the participants have to perform a practiced dance routine with their pups. Sometimes these routines can last up to 4 minutes.

When a handler and his dog, a Border Collie, came to perform their dance to ‘Fake I.D’, by Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson, fans had no idea what was in store for them. It worth pointing out that the song came out in 2011, and was famous for its ability to inspire the inner dancer in everyone.

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The man was dressed as a cowboy and took a bow after stepping onto the stage, an action which was mirrored by his dog. With that, they took fans and viewers along with them, as they gave their complicated - and oh so entertaining! - performance.

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The routine involved a variety of moves and it was amazing because the dog never lost focus, even when far away from the cowboy.

The climax of the exhibition was at the end when the dog caught the handler’s lasso and wrapped it around him. He then went on to finish up with a celebratory dance on his handlers back.

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As everyone who has seen the clip would agree that the pooch had every cause to celebrate as it was a truly memorable performance.

So far, the video has almost five million views, and for a good reason. For everyone who was at the show, it was truly one for the history books.

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