Hawaiian Singer's Incredible Performance Of The Star Spangled Banner Goes Viral

Date November 8, 2018 14:51

It is no gainsaying that when one does a common thing in an uncommon way, he commands the attention of the world. All hail the Hawaiian local singer Willie K who created his beautiful version of the Star Spangled Banner that has gone viral worldwide.

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The local star recognized for his virtuoso and ukulele guitar expertise overwhelmed spectators and the world at the Aloha Stadium when he made a peculiar rendition of the USA national anthem.

The sounds of his ukulele fitted perfectly with his unique composure of the national anthem previous to the sport between the College of Hawaii and College of Nevada, Reno.

Willie's creative rendition is made even more spectacular by the fact that the local legend could pull off such mind-blowing performance regardless of his fight with lung cancer, and he was applauded for not letting his medical challenge get the best of him.

Willie who had his major chemotherapy session in April is presently taking treatments to increase his immune system. Fans have been contributing to a GoFundMe campaign to support his medical payment.

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Internet users reacted to Willie's amazing rendition with several hearts melting comments.

Even though some of them claimed not to be a fan of tweaking the Star Spangled Banner, they still acknowledged that Willie's rendition was an exceptionally beautiful performance which came straight from his soul.

One internet user Marc Polymeropoulos had this to say

The local star has constantly put his guitar dexterity to the fore with several performances alongside stars like Prince, Santana, ZZ Top, and Journey.

Although Willie wishes to remain a local star because of his special love for the Island, we still look forward to seeing him become a world-famous superstar.

Such great talent is meant just for the top!

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