Four Little Girls Who Fought Cancer Pose For An Adorable Photo In The Hospital Where They All Met Each Other

Date September 24, 2018 15:51

Dressed in golden tutus and white shirts with the word 'survivor' emblazoned on the front, these little angels barely look strong enough to fight off cancer, but they did.

As John Hopkins Hospital celebrated Childhood Cancer Awareness this month, these four girls reunited for an adorable photo in the same place they met and forged a deep friendship.

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Chloe, Ava, Lauren, and Mckinley, aged 4-5, all met in the halls of the children's hospital in 2016. All the girls, except Chloe, were diagnosed with lymphoblastic leukemia, which is one of the most common childhood cancers. Chloe, the oldest of the pack, was diagnosed with lung cancer, an occurrence that is highly rare in children.

Poor Chloe suffered from a type of cancer that had an alarming 40% rate of survival. As her health took a turn for the better, doctors were happily surprised by her miraculous recovery.

In an effort to cheer the children up, the hospital dressed them in pink tutus. As they giggled, a picture was taken of them. Ever since, the children became the best of friends, bound by a cord that transcends the laughter of the playground or toy-sharing.

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Last year, they gathered together to celebrate the anniversary of their recovery during Childhood Cancer Awareness month.

The bleak period was harrowing for the parents. Alyssa Luciano, Ava's mother, recounts that the nights spent at the hospital were horrible, but she went on to comment on their present state of well-being, "It's amazing to see how far they've come from being bald little babies."

Karen Moore, Mckinley's mother, spoke of the girls' friendship as being reassuring as it also gave the parents the opportunity to realize that they were not going through the nightmare alone.

The girls' doctor, Dr. Colin Moore, commented,

It has been an absolute joy to see them grow and to see them outside of the hospital setting, being the kids they should have been all along.

These girls are truly heroes worth celebrating! Congrats Chloe, Ava, Lauren, and Mckinley!

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