Father Takes To Social Media To Share A Photo Of His Nails Painted To Support His 5-Year-Old Son Who Was Bullied For Wearing Nail Polish

Date October 26, 2018 11:56

Aaron Gouveia, the founder of parenting blog The Daddy Files, like all good parents, takes his kids' physical and emotional well-being very seriously.

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So, when his son, Sam, was bullied, he did not hold back his emotions.

In an interview with People, Sam's mother, Martha Gouveia, explained that she went to pick the kindergartener from school, but was surprised to see him sad.

On seeing her, he burst into tears and explained how boys and girls in his school had made fun of him for wearing red nail polish.

It turns out that Sam’s grandmother used to be a nail technician so nail painting is a favorite past time for both grandmother and grandson.

Martha went on to add that, being ‘full of life with a big personality’, Sam just loves to express himself in different ways.

When his father learned of his son’s traumatic experience, he put his journalistic skills to work and vented about how upset he was that a part of his son’s innocence had been stolen.

He posted on Twitter,

Continuing in a thread, he emphasized that his son was devastated at the actions of his schoolmates, including his friends, then drew attention to a salient part of this discourse:

Aaron said he allowed his son choose whether or not he would take the nail polish off but made sure to tell him that strong male characters, like Thor and Capt. Jack Sparrow, also wore nail polish.

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After seeing the amount of support on Twitter, including former NFL player Martellus Bennett’s tweet about how he loves to polish his nails with his daughter, Sam was back to his boisterous self.

Rounding off the Twitter thread, Aaron encouraged his son to be brave, keep shining bright and to remember that his parents will always be there for him. Then, he concluded:

The father was also put on nail polish, which he wore to work. Even Sam’s older brother, aged 10, painted his nails as a show of solidarity.

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Indeed, no matter what we do, we should not allow strict gender roles to strangle the free-spirited nature of kids.