Couple Goals: Couple Who Lost 407 Pounds Together Are Still Fit Two Years Later


January 24, 2019 11:52 By Mambee

Their journey to weight loss began as a new year's resolution.

Lexi Reed and her husband, Danny, made a promise to help each other shed excess weight in January 2016.

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This change of heart occurred when Lexi realized that their weight limited them from enjoying some romance. Also, their health was at risk.

Lexi told TODAY:

“I didn’t really realize how much my weight held us back as a couple.”


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They tested the waters of the journey by first cutting off alcohol, soda, and stopping eating out. They also began exercising between 4 and 5 times per week.

They went from eating 4,000 calories of junk food to eating about 1,500 calories of healthy food, and got involved in high-intensity interval training, weight training, and even Zumba.


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These health decisions and steadfast support went a long way in aiding the weight loss process.

Lexi initially weighed 485 pounds, while her husband, Danny, weighed 281 pounds.

The couple made huge progress and, by January 2017, Lexi had successfully lost 236 pounds, while Danny had dropped 62 pounds.

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At the end of 2017, Lexi weighed 180 pounds and Danny weighed 192. After losing so much weight, Lexi underwent surgery to remove excess skin. A total of seven pounds were removed during the procedure.

Since the start of this year, Lexi has lost an additional 69 pounds, while Danny has shed 27 pounds. She currently weighs 173 pounds, surpassing the 175 pounds goal she had set.


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Lexi has an Instagram account @fatgirlfedup where she updates her fans about their progress, workout routines, and diet plan.

Her husband is also thrilled about their progress, he said:

“It is such a better feeling eating clean food than all the greasy, fat-filled foods. It kind of slows you down and is not a good feeling at all.”


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Lexi and Danny have not only victoriously lost weight. Going on this journey together has brought them closer.

They are definitely couple goals! We congratulate them on this win!

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