Superstar Gymnast Steals The Show With Her Performance To Michael Jackson’s Hit Songs. She Also Moonwalked!


January 11, 2019 13:28 By Mambee

Legendary Singer Michael Jackson left us a legacy of priceless hits before he passed away.

Now and then, we are delighted to see people doing mighty justice to his songs, just like this gymnast did. 

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Katelyn Ohashi is a known gymnast at UCLA who was highly praised by the audience present during the 2018 PAC-12 championship. She performed to mixed instrumentals of Michael Jackson's hits, which included ‘Thriller’ and ‘The Way You Make Me Feel.’

It was obvious she is a loved gymnast because as she stepped out to complete her routine, the crowd fervently cheered her on.


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She had everyone on their feet jamming their hands with her jaw-dropping performance.

The commentator introduced her as the number 2 in the country representing UCLA. She had already bagged three perfect tens, and all she needed was a nine six.

Katelyn began this particular routine by standing at the far end of the stage, and moved further in with the Michael Jackson trademark dance move, called ‘moonwalk.’

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She stole the show when she ended the moonwalk with a substantial drop split. Fellow gymnasts joined her on the stage to praise her flawless steps after her performance.

Although her buoyancy made the performance look fun and easy, it couldn't have been a hit without her combining gymnastics and dance pattern.


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She allowed every viewer the opportunity to reminisce about Michael Jackson excitingly while still including the obligatory gymnastic moves. It is indeed a sight to see!

The video of her moonwalk went viral soon after it was uploaded on the internet.

She has above 4 million views and over 600 comments on the UCLA Gym Source account on YouTube. Forest Nymph Confessions commented:

"Wow, I saw her and thought of Simone. This will be interesting!!"

Rhea FIFA wrote:

"She's amazing, and all of the team supports her, I'm tearing up."

MissIvery14 praised:

"One of the best routines in gymnastics history, every movement onto the next flowed really well. Well done Katelyn" '

Admittedly, she is a gymnast to watch out for. Go, Katelyn! We want to see more of you!

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