Kindness And Responsibility: Two Men Help A 93-Year-Old Woman, And Many Others Mow Lawn For Free

Date December 10, 2018

Compassion is one outfit that will never go out of fashion. Anyway you look at it, it is always cool, and the men in this story know that. However, this is not about wanting to look cool: Tthey care about making a difference in their community.

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Rodney Smith Jr., from  Alabama, noticed that his 93-year-old neighbor lived alone and did her chores all by herself.

One day, he saw her struggling to mow her lawn, and he couldn’t bear it so he recruited the help of his best friend and schoolmate at Alabama A&M University, Terrence Stroy.

They got the job done and promised to keep doing it fortnightly for the rest of her life! To Rodney, this was not enough.

He recognized the fact that many other people needed such help: single parents without the time, disabled people who wished they could, the elderly who valued their independence but were in dire need of help around the house, or just anybody who couldn’t afford it.

This was when the idea for an organization that merges kindness and responsibility was born: Raising Men Lawn Care Service.

The purpose of the organization is to get volunteers who will reach out to people in need of lawn mowing and offer the service without charging a cent.

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The most beautiful part of this initiative is that Rodney uses the opportunity to teach young people about giving back to the community and being responsible. It is a truly worthy cause.

Since he started the project, in December 2015, over 300 lawns have been mowed and many lives touched by the singular act of a man who once decided to help his neighbor.

When he posted a photo of himself, his friend and 93-year-old neighbor, he didn’t expect the amazing flood of positive feedback that he got, but then, that is what kindness gets you.

Values like these are what make our society better. Thumbs up to these young men for choosing to serve their community and put smiles on people's faces. They are truly rare breeds.

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