An Amazing Teacher Inspires Students Right Before An Exam By Writing Motivational Messages On Their Desks

Date October 2, 2018 17:31

Teachers have to be one of the most underappreciated people in the world. Most people find it easy to claim that they are not as committed to their jobs as they should be, but Mrs. Chandni Langford, by going the extra mile, has shown that notion is not completely true.

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While many of us will recall that our teachers barely cared about our state of mind before going in for an examination, Mrs. Langford’s students will remember her differently. This teacher at Evergreen Avenue Elementary in Woodbury, New Jersey, has the won the hearts of many with her chivalrous act.

Mrs. Langford decided to write motivational messages with a temporary marker on the desks of each student right before their Partnership for Assessment of Readiness for College and Careers (PARCC) tests.  Each was addressed specifically to the student, with a heart shape and signed

“Your Teachers, #growthmindset.”

Some read,

“Ish, I know this is the first time you are taking this. Use all the tools and grow your brain!”

“Yorani, I am not telling you it’s going to be easy, but it is going to be worth it. do your best!”

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“Kwydir, Learning is your superpower. Remember never stop trying to stop growing your brain.”

Langford said most of her students were nervous because, if they did not pass the test, they might not make it to the next grade, so she decided to apply the idea she had come across on Pinterest. She said it was to give them something positive to walk into.

Did it really inspire the kids? You bet! One of her students said,

“When I read the message, my fear went away. I knew I could actually do it!”

She is not just a rockstar among her students but with other educators as well after pictures of the messages went viral on Facebook. Several messages of gratitude for her selfless act flooded her timeline

It is really inspiring to see an educator dedicate this much to each of her 19 students. Kudos to Mrs. Langford for a job well done!

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