Magical Moment: Father Sheds Tears When His Marine Son Surprises Him At A Restaurant After 14 Months Away

Date October 8, 2018 10:54

Harder than being a soldier, stationed far away from your family and missing them daily, is being the family member left behind. The long nights away from each other, not being sure how well they are doing, the uncertainty of ever seeing them well and whole can elicit unbearable pain.

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Soldiers sacrifice a lot for the country, but their families sacrifice even more: From children growing up without their fathers to mothers sending their sons into war zones and wives kissing their husbands goodbye, months could pass, sometimes years, without seeing each other again.

These loved ones give up a whole lot for the sake of their country. Understanding this huge sacrifice will help you appreciate this video better.

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Cory Harris had been stationed all the way in Japan for as long as 14 months. After such a long time away from home, Cory wanted to make his return very special.

Knowing where his father would be, he settled for surprising his dad at the local restaurant. Cory’s father, Greg Harris, was seated alone at his table in a restaurant, completely unaware of the beautiful surprise awaiting him.

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Unknown to him, the moment was being registered by a cell phone at a table nearby. There he was, unsuspectingly reading through the menu, impatiently waiting to order.

The waiter came forward to take his order and just when he was about to place it, he looked up and was completely thrown off balance.

Upon recognizing his son, he rushed out of his seat, simultaneously removing his glasses and dropping it on the table, and wrapped Cory in a warm embrace.

His show of affection was effusive as he held on tightly to his boy with tears streaming down his face. It was beautiful to watch the pair, who were obviously overwhelmed with emotions that could not be expressed in words.

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Alhough the video is dated February 20, 2016, it is still as magical as it was back then. It is also thought-provoking as it typifies the heartache of being separated from loved ones for such a long time.

We can never thank soldiers and their families enough for their sacrifices.

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