‘Together Forever’: Husband Sets Camp Up By Wife's Door To Support Her Through Cancer Treatment And The Internet Is Moved By It


January 9, 2019 11:07 By Mambee

Together forever, in sickness and in health. This is the vow many couples make on their wedding day, but Jon has set the bar pretty high for others to follow, as he has spent almost every minute by his wife as she has gone through her cancer treatment.

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Jon's loving act went viral when his daughter uploaded a picture of how he set up a table by his wife's door because he couldn't be directly by her side. His wife, Marci, was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. She had to be isolated during her radiation treatment to prevent further spread, and Jon, being unable to sit by her, decided to camp at her door.

His daughter, who uploaded the images which have since then gone viral with thousands of likes and shares, claims they're very much in love, and it is amazing. She wrote in a caption:

My mom has to stay in her room in isolation for her cancer radiation so my dad set up a desk at her door to keep her company and I'm crying.

The picture was welcome with warm encouragements and praises for the daunting husband, who has been by his wife’s side through it all.

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One of the commenters who was moved by the acts, @jaime_marston said:

Jon's wife, Marci, went further to add that Jon was being extremely supportive, not missing a single doctor's appointment. Marci told BuzzNews,

'Jon goes to every doctor's appointment, every blood test, every surgery, every radiation. And as you can see, if he can't be by my side, he is as close as he can get'

Luckily, Marci is responding to treatment and is well on her way to full recovery.

Jon's act was one admired by people all over the world, with many sending praises and prayers. With one's family love and support, one can go through anything. Jon has proven this and has given other couples something to emulate.

To his wife and family, we wish them the best.

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