Bride Asks Wedding Guests To Put On Blindfolds To Create A Special Moment


December 4, 2018 11:11 By Mambee

A blind bride who wanted to have a truly memorable moment at her wedding asked her guests to wear blindfolds during the ceremony. 

32-year-old Stephanie Campbell told Good Morning America that she was diagnosed with a condition known as cone-rod dystrophy, which caused her vision loss.

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She married the love of her life, Robert Campbell, on November 25. During the ceremony, Stephanie asked her loved ones to cover their eyes with blindfolds as she walked down the aisle. She said she wanted her family and friends to experience that moment the same way she would experience it herself. 

In addition, Stephanie said she also wanted everyone to be 'present' and in the moment. Lemon Tree Film House, a film and photography company, captured the moment. The co-owners of the company, Shaun and T.J. Tolhoek, said that their goal was to capture the day in such a significant way that Stephanie would be able to experience her wedding despite not actually seeing it. 

They wanted to create a 'sensory experience' so that the guests were absolutely immersed in actually hearing Stephanie and Robert exchange their vows. Shaun and T.J. Tolhoek said it worked. Everybody was quiet and the guests could deeply take in the words that were being said even though they could not see the couple.

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Photographer James Day, who also helped Stephanie and Robert capture their happy day, said it was a rarity to get that type of silence and focus at a wedding, considering that people are often distracted with technology.

Shaun and T.J. Tolhoek described the whole thing as a humbling experience. 

Here was Steph looking so stunning that she took Rob’s breath away and yet she couldn’t see her own beauty nor Rob’s expression of complete adoration herself. It’s humbling. It’s powerful. It’s love.

The bride and groom met in 2016 at a party. Stephanie told HuffPost:

I had a cane, so it was quite visible that I had a vision impairment, and the fact that he hit on me whilst I was using my cane meant that it didn’t bother him, which was great.

Stephanie's vision was almost completely gone when she met Robert, so she has never seen her husband. She clearly does not need to see his face to know how he feels about her, though.

Judging from their vows, the couple absolutely adore each other. We wish them a lasting and happy marriage!

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