11-Year-Old Girl With Only One Leg Does Not Let Her Condition Prevent Her From Being A Celebrated Gymnast


September 14, 2018 19:31 By Mambee

Every once in a while, we come across an incredible story that reminds us that there's really no excuse that prevents us from going after what we want. And this little girl's courage and sheer determination will absolutely leave you inspired.

The awesome gymnast with one leg

Averie Mitchell was only three days old when she was diagnosed with a rare condition known as pseudarthrosis of the tibia. At age two, she underwent a below-the-knee amputation of her right leg. At the time, her mother, Kimberly, was determined that the little girl would have a full life despite what happened. 

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One day, Kimberly took her daughter to a gymnastics studio and something clicked. The little girl fell in love immediately and despite her prosthetic limb, she happily tumbled, just like a natural.

Speaking to People Magazine, Kimberly said her daughter "was hooked" from day one. Gymnastics was a sport that came so easy to her and now, at age 11, she only continues to get better. A few months ago, the talented gymnast got to compete with several able-bodied stars in her field for the Amateur Athletics Union National Championship. She came in at tenth place overall. 

Averie told People that her biggest goal is to participate in the Olympics. She admitted that one of the struggles she faced was that she does not have an ankle joint due to her prosthetic. But Averie continued to "power through" and has been making do however she could.

Averie's dad, John Mitchell, was super proud of what his daughter had accomplished. 

It’s been a great joy to watch her compete and win medals.

Kimberly also revealed that Averie developed a very strong bond with her dog, Hattie Mae who also lost her right leg and wears a prosthetic as well. 

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Her amazing performance

At the championship competition, Averie wowed in different areas but she absolutely shone when it came to the beam routine, a performance which earned her a 9.1 score and third place. 

Fellow gymnast Alexandra Raisman was so impressed with Averie's performance that she retweeted a video of the girl doing her thing and captioned it, "Wow!!!!! Incredible :)"

Praises for Averie

Internet users have taken to social media to express their awe and encouragement for this talented superstar. 

Averie sure has proven that nothing can hold you back if you're truly determined to achieve greatness. Very incredible indeed.

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