This Little Boy With Down Syndrome Strikes A Cord With Halloween Dance In The Cutest Baby-Shark Costume

Date November 2, 2018 13:30

Kids are amazing. The way the little ones bring life into everything they do brings about many inspirational lessons  to several other people, particularly to adults. Life, after all, is not always a bed of roses. 

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Certain setbacks pull us down and managing to live through these moments and enjoy them is what defines 'true happiness.'

Exton Black is a little kid from Alabama. Unlike his peers, he did not have an excellent start to life, as he suffers from genetic defect which was detected in his first four days of life.

Exton was diagnosed with Down’s syndrome before ever leaving the hospital.

A few weeks later, he had to be hospitalized for a heart problems and a rare condition called tracheobronchomalacia.

He had to rely on assistance from a ventilator to get through the day.

Despite all these setbacks, Exton's positive attitude toward life is one that has inspired millions of people all over the world.

Proof of that can be found in a video which was uploaded by his mother, Savannah Shane Black, on her Facebook page.

The heart-melting video shows Exton dressed as his favorite character for Halloween, a baby shark, as he dances along to the Pingfong's song Baby Shark.

The little boy was seen wiggling and turning, forgetting about all the negatives and just having fun as he grooved to the song.

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His mom, Savannah, claims Exton's joy and fun nature inspires the family.


All little Exton needs is a dose of his favorite song and he is guaranteed to change everyone's mood as he gets ready to dance along.

Savannah said:

"He is our miracle and such a fighter."

Exton's dance moves and positive attitude has inspired several people all over the world.

Despite being diagnosed with Down syndrome, a weak heart and badly damaged air sacs, he never fails to get up and have a good time.

His story is one that reminds us to appreciate every moment and find happiness everywhere we can, no matter how little.

Fortunately, Exton's heart is almost completely healed, and it is quite we're going to be seeing more of this fantastic little dancer soon!

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