Heroic Young Boy Donates Bone Marrow To His Cousin, And This Selfless Act Saves Her Life


December 11, 2018 10:54 By Mambee

Life has its downside, which sometimes hurt us and make us lose sight of how beautiful it truly is. However, it takes heart-melting stories like this to remind us of the good parts.

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When Scott and Grace walked on the stage of the Late Late Night TOY Show, their mothers were almost in tears. There was little Grace, 3, walking vibrantly beside Scott, her cousin, who had saved her life.

Grace had been diagnosed with leukemia a year before, and her only chance at survival was to get a bone marrow transplant.

However, there was no matching donor in her immediate family, until her cousin, Scott, came along. Fortunately, the young boy was a match and he saved her.

"How did you feel when you heard the good news that you saved Grace's life?"

The host asked. Scott answered saying he felt happy, as all he wanted was to see her get better.

He was scared to go in for surgery at first, but that he would do anything to put a smile on his little cousin's face. Well, he did make that happen.

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To celebrate his heroic act, Scott, being a big rugby fan, got to meet his favorite players - Sean O' Brien, Rob Kearney and Tadhg Furlong - on the show.

The stars were impressed with him and invited him to go to one of their training sessions, where he'll get to meet the rest of the team. Also, he and Grace were offered a chance to see Ireland's Six Nations showdown with France in 2019. How cool!

And that was not all. Apparently, his brave act had inspired several other people. Among them, there were representatives of the Sunway Luxury Travel.

His whole family was called out on stage and were offered an all-expense paid trip to Florida.

It was an amazing night for the young lad, and he got more presents than he could ever imagine.

However, the night wasn't really about the fancy gifts or football players. It was about this brave selfless kid who gave a piece of himself to save another, and that's what made it beautiful!

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