43 Years After Their Divorce, Her Ex-Husband Shows Up At Her Workplace And Asked, 'Will You Marry Me?'

Date May 18, 2018

They say it's never over until it's over. And this holds true for a couple who got another chance at love over four decades after they thought it was over.

The love story of Renate Stumpf and Louis Demetriades began in 1959. The pair met when they were only 18 years old at an Army base. Louis was a soldier in love and Renate, who worked in the kitchen, was absolutely smitten as well.

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The pair eventually got married and moved to the United States to start a family. They were blessed with three children and things were looking good.

Haskell Baker / YouTube

However, this did not last long. The family was struggling financially and this caused a rift between them. It did not help matters that Renate could barely speak English at the time. 

12 years after their wedding, they got divorced. Renate and Louis both went their separate ways. They moved to different states, met other people and remarried.

43 years later, Renate and Louis found each other thanks to Facebook. Their respective spouses had passed on so they were both single again. 

It was like time had never passed because once they began talking on the phone, their love was rekindled. Since they had not seen each other since their divorce, Louis began hatching a plan for the perfect surprise visit.

Haskell Baker / YouTube

Renate had been working at Walmart for 25 years so she never expected that particular Valentine's Day to stand out. But Louis had something special in store.

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Haskell Baker / YouTube

Renate was working as usual when she turned around to see her ex-husband holding a sign. He had traveled all the way to where she was to ask an important question:

Will you marry me?

Haskell Baker / YouTube

Renate was completely shocked but she did not say yes immediately. After hugging and kissing her man, she said, "Yes, but not today." In a later interview, Renate said she was hesitant because it had been so long. 

I will marry him though because he’s a good man.

Hopefully, their second time around ends in happily ever after.

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