Artist Created A Portrait Of Princess Diana Using Only Glitter And Glue And The Result Is Breathtaking

Date January 15, 2019

Princess Diana has always been an inspiring icon of style. Even after her tragic death, she continues to inspire artists from all over the world with her charm, elegance and mystery.

There have been numerous pictures of Queen of Hearts created in various techniques and colors, but this one seems to shine brighter than the rest. This portrait was made of glitter and it has become a sensation on the internet.

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Toronto-born artist Trilli makes incredible portraits of celebrities using only glitter and glue.

She started with photography, but then evolved into painting, and developed her own art technique.

Now, Trilli boasts of over 200 collectors in over 20 countries! What she does is luxury artwork that decorates famous people's homes.

At the same time, she remains down to earth, sharing the process of her work. She starts with a sketch on a block of wood or canvas, and then focuses on the smallest details, putting glitter on top. After that, she blends the glitter into gradients.

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The portraits she is crafting are extremely realistic. Her secret is using about 120 colors in every work, 40 of them are used for the skin shade alone.

Moreover, the shiny surface creates a 3-D effect that brings the portrait to life!

Tilli confessed that she loved the challenge of making the artwork resemble a photo more than just painting with color patches.

Needless to say, she has received tremendous support from the Internet users, who expressed their admiration in comments.

Princess Diana’s portrait was released on the 21st anniversary of her death. Now, it is added to the collection of wonderful artworks dedicated to the Queen of Hearts, which show that Diana will always live in people’s memory.

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