Police Officers Took A Break And Cleaned The Yard Of A 91-Year-Old Veteran As A “Thank You” For His Courage

Date November 12, 2018

Police officers who work on the lawn during the workday instead of catching criminals: This is quite a confusing sight, isn't it? However, they have the nicest reason for this kind act.

Officers from Goshen Police Department helped a veteran with the yard work. During their free time between duties, they took to brooms and rakes and cleaned his yard out of dry leaves.

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What took them less than half an hour would be a challenging task for an elderly man.

A picture was uploaded on Facebook, announcing the names of those who helped:

Thank you, Captain Matt Shultz, Sergeant Stu Smith, Ptlm. Jeff Schrock, Ptlm. Bob Warstler, Ptlm. Bryan Knowles, Ptlm. Logan Campbell, Ptlm. Alex Rosales, Ptlm. Sammy Johnson, and Ptlm. Miguel Lopez! Well done, gentlemen!

The owners of that yard are Louis Sonnenberg and his daughter, Dawnna. Mr. Sonnenberg is a 91-year-old former soldier who fought in three wars: WWII, the Korean and the Vietnam War. The help from local officers was a way of honoring the Veteran's Day week!

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Veterans risked their lives on countless occasion for the safety of their country. More than anyone do they deserve to be cherished and assisted by their communities in their senior years.

In 2016, there were about 20.8 million veterans in the United States. Some of them have no families or funds for a decent living. Some face loneliness and depression. However, there is always a way to help by joining a local Veterans Assistance program and get involved by helping actively. The range of work may differ: from performing daily chores, yard work, cooking, to grocery shopping. Sometimes, it’s just the company and a good listener they would appreciate. You can always volunteer or donate to make a difference.

A veteran’s sacrifice should never be forgotten! We thank these amazing police officers from Goshen who reminded us all about it.

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