Wooden Cross Remains Standing Untouched By Flames, After The Church Was Ruined In California Wildfire

Date December 7, 2018

The Californian wildfire burned an area of 1,824,505 acres, left people with no home and made them escape the devastating element in rush. It was the most destructive fire season in history.

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It took lives and caused injuries, but it could not wipe off people’s faith in a better future! The viral picture emerged on Facebook is its vivid symbol. The couple who was running from the flames took the photo of a wooden cross set in the middle of the road, that survived the wildfire.

Tyler Frank and Elizabeth Osborn found a reliable shelter near the Lutheran church. Frank shared with Fox News:

After being trapped on Pentz in gridlock traffic while completely surrounded by fire, we eventually found refuge in the parking lot of the Lutheran church. It was the first moment we felt safe and believed we would survive this horrific event.

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The photo of a cross was posted by the pastor Brandon Merrick with a powerful message to the community.

He wrote:

For me, this picture is not just a heartbreaking reminder of what can happen to the things and people of this world, this is our one true hope in the midst of tragedy that cannot be destroyed by anything.

He expressed how sad he was to see their Lutheran Church that had worked for 54 years turned into aches. At the same time, he rejoiced to see that standing cross, as if the symbol of divine presence.

Many Internet users found relief in his words and gave the most touching feedback:

Residents of the towns of Pulga, Paradise, Concow, and Magalia in California have been evacuated, as well as Pastor Brendon with his family. Now he plans to rebuild the Lutheran church that was destroyed in flames and asks everyone to help if possible.

Even amid the tragedy, it is possible to witness a real miracle and find powers to carry on, despite the hardship!

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